Originally from Marianna, Florida, this writer has lived in the Atlanta, Georgia area for many years, as well as other locations, including a three- year stint in the U.S. Army, South Korea. 

Widowed in 2012, after being married for many years to Connie, and with a wonderful daughter, Christina, in Augusta, Ga.,  this writer continues to write of his life's experiences, as well as those of others, through his songs. 

Influenced, while growing up, by the likes of Neil Young, CSN&Y, The Eagles, Jim Croce, James Taylor, Stones, Beatles, Motown, Johnny Cash, "Not too twangy country" Elvis, Three Dog Night, Alice Cooper, Clapton, Lynard Skynard, and others...... 

The professional tracks offered in the Classics 2000's (Nashville)  Sessions,  were mastered and engineered in Nashville, Tennessee, mostly through the efforts of Steven Cooper, owner of Songwriter's Studio, who is also a veteran keyboardist, formerly with the Classics IV, known for such songs as Spooky, Traces, Stormy and Everyday With You Girl. 

"Maybe You Might Believe This", is currently owned by Capt. Kidd Music, by the son of the late Scotty Turner, who, even though he was a legend in the music business, and wrote many songs for many people, and co-wrote those of Buddy Holly, he took the time to return cassettes and personally critique the songs of this writer for years. Scotty Turner was also a successful writer and business partner with legendary, Medal of Honor Winner, Mr. Audie Murphy, of WWII fame. 

Many of the newer mixed songs, in 2019, were produced with the help of Ruben Obed (P.R.), including the both of the newest albums, "The Moon Falling Down on Me",  and "That Old Red Brick Building"/

As always, thanks for listening ! Thanks for downloading, or using the CD option available. ...........Enjoy!